Digital solution scout

Use emerging technologies and specialized tools for effective digital transformations

Digital solution scout
Solution overview

Digital transformation relies on the use of emerging technologies. Often such technologies are developed by innovative niche players in fragmented markets. This complicates purchase and sourcing decisions for companies. Digital solution scout analyses provider capabilities and helps decide on the right solution.

Customer testimonial

The results of the sprint significantly exceeded our expectations and we were able to save a significant amount of time and effort compared to doing something similar internally.

Senior executive, Chemical industry
Standardise maintenance process and scout a digital solution

Identify the right digital solution based on strategic priorities

60 % Productivity boosting opportunities are digital
chemical industry operations

Standardise maintenance process and scout a digital solution

MaterialsCo.'s factories lacked cohesive and standardised maintenance processes. Maintenance across factories were reactive or corrective in nature. MaterialsCo. sought to change this to a proactive and predictive way in order to reduce production disruptions, save costs and increase productivity.

Improve cross-division collaboration for knowledge transfer

Conduct objective assessment of the technology fit

5 % Digital solutions exceed expectations
telecommunication strategy

Improve cross-division collaboration for knowledge transfer

TelCo. faced internal barriers in collaboration between the olders and new teams. These barriers were related to both company culture as well as the formal goals between teams. Therefore TelCo. wanted to find a way to break down the barriers and increase interaction between the teams.

How to track goods in real-time

Enhance ecosystem know-how through insights about latest developments

16 % Digital solutions result in sustained improvements
chemical industry supply chain

How to track goods in real-time

ChemicalCo. was caught off-guard when customers called to inquire about goods whereabouts in case of delays. This negatively impacted customer satisfaction and ChemicalCo’s NPS score.

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