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Our ways of working

Vetted and trained

Our on-demand talent goes through an intensive vetting and upskilling process. We vet and pick the highest-performing talent. We then upskill them to ensure high performance in your projects.

70 % Enhanced business value

On-demand team

Hire a complete team and get started within a week. We match your project needs with the talent capabilities and you get access to a list of candidates to choose from. This allows for a reduced learning curve on your project.

80 % Reduced cost

Time-boxed sprints

Our projects are time-boxed and executed with a sprint methodology. This allows you to rapidly test your hypothesis and tweak direction as per the insights gathered and deliver speedy results.

10 x Lower average cost

Solutions for your projects

New product adoption barriers from value chain players

Agile deep dive

Understand, validate and progress on critical decisions before resources are committed.

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commodities supply chain sustainability

New product adoption barriers from value chain players

The meat industry has a long and complex value chain with multiple stakeholders who influence adoption. As PackagingCo. sought to increase the adoption of its new and improved product, it wanted to identify the concerns of each stakeholder w.r.t. the new packaging solution.

How to track goods in real-time

Digital solution scout

Use emerging technologies and specialized tools for effective digital transformations

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chemical industry supply chain

How to track goods in real-time

ChemicalCo. was caught off-guard when customers called to inquire about goods whereabouts in case of delays. This negatively impacted customer satisfaction and ChemicalCo’s NPS score.

Risk assessment for production processes

Current state analysis

Examine the situation from bird's eye view to identify process gaps.

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wood industry operations

Risk assessment for production processes

As ManufacturingCo. sought to improve the safety measures at its factories, they wanted a user-friendly risk assessment method which could help the operator identify as well as mitigate risks.

Automate price range analysis for new product

Data analytics

Derive meaningful insights and spot opportunities

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healthcare business development

Automate price range analysis for new product

EquipmentCo. was preparing to launch a strategic product which could fundamentally transform the way the current product line was thought and configured in the industry. To accomplish this, EquipmentCo. sought to identify the pricing range of its existing product suite in different geographies.

Customer speaks

We were really impressed for the results same project internally would have taken 4-6 months calendar time when running it beside all the other tasks. Results are now in pilot use.

Senior Executive, Metso

The results of the sprint significantly exceeded our expectations and we were able to save a significant amount of time and effort compared to doing something similar internally.

Senior Executive, Kemira

I was impressed by the dedication of project team to bring outside-in view, to evaluate our business activities and to find out the most essential from the big data elements.

Senior Executive, Alko

The team worked really fast and were able to transfer all our business requirements into concrete results. We were all impressed with their level of knowledge.

Senior Executive, Paulig

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