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Scientifically substantiate product sustainability value claims


ConstructionCo. sought to create – Sustainability, a key customer value proposition for its products. In order to do this ConstructionCo. came up with value statements that it wanted to communicate to customers. But ConstructionCo. lacked scientific and data-based proof for these claims. Thus ConstructionCo. sought to validate and substantiate its product claims with proven research data and provide it to customers.


25 Product claims backed with data and use cases
4X Faster progress on business development efforts

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in construction, but up until now it has been fuzzy for the customer what “green” actually means.

Senior executive


SCG’s on-demand workforce undertook a time-boxed sprint to provide ConstructionCo. with data-backed and proven use cases for a list of 25 product value claims. These value claims included topics under various topics such as raw materials, production, transportation, construction and market & community. This helped ConstructionCo. to effectively communicate with its customers’ as well as multiple stakeholders in the value chain about their products.

The key questions in the project were:

Q1. What are the topics under which the product value claims are categorized?

Q2. Which customer segments and building types are the focus for the value proposition and case studies?

Q3. What metrics are the customers interested in that can impact their decision on the choice of material?


The use of ConstructionCo.’s product in the construction industry was quite complex. ConstructionCo.’s potential customers had many alternatives to choose from, and its product had yet to prove its value to the customer from a cost point of view. Thus, ConstructionCo. needed to find relevant case examples where their customers had been able to achieve both sustainability targets and cost savings using similar products.


SCG conducted a three-phase project:

Phase 1 – Product value claim formulation

SCG's agile workforce worked with ConstructionCo.'s management to formulate a list of product value claims. The value propositions with the highest impact on customer decision making were selected to be validated further. Next, preferred sources were listed by ConstructionCo. for the research.

Phase 2 – Claim validation and use case collection

During this phase, SCG's agile workforce conducted an exhaustive use case research to find and prove selected sustainability claims, from credible sources. Each value proposition was broken down into its components and based on its characteristics a list of use cases was collected. Next, SCG's on-demand workforce conducted a deep-dive into specific use cases that would have a higher impact on the target customers.

Phase 3 – Customer-focused presentation of use cases

In the final phase of the project, the value claims and their respective use cases were presented to ConstructionCo.'s management. The use cases were designed and communicated in a customer-focused manner so that the ConstructionCo.'s salesforce could use it when interacting with their customers’ questions during their sales pitch.

Material analysis and comparison


SCG’s on-demand workforce provided ConstructionCo. with 25 data-backed sustainability and business value claims. These claims are in use by ConstructionCo. to build a stronger case for their product’s use in the construction industry. This project saved 5-6months of research time and accelerated business development efforts by 4X.

Historical material comparison

I did a project on sustainability with StrategyCo.Global's team. The task was to scientifically verify sustainability claims. The results exceeded my expectations. Further, the cooperation was pleasant and efficient all along the project.

Senior executive

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