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Purchase influencer’s pains and gains


ManufacturingCo. is a global construction component manufacturer. ManufacturingCo. recently launched an innovative product and needed to create a compelling value proposition for its customers. To do so, ManufacturingCo. sought to understand the usage journey and pain points of its customers’ influencers i.e. Non-Buying Customers (NBCs). These influencers impact the customer’s purchase decision making. By understanding their needs, ManufacturingCo. sought to provide them with better product awareness, to increase the likelihood of product purchase.


4 Profiles studied and journey maps created
8 Countries in which research was conducted

Quick Summary

There are four NBCs profiles selected by ManufacturingCo., who play a critical role in the construction of buildings: developers, architects, main contractors, and structural engineers.

The objective of the project was to understand the various reasons, concerns and current awareness of ManufacturingCo. products. Through this project, ManufactringCo. was able to gain a comprehensive understanding of its non-buying customers needs and was able to improve its product value proposition.

The key questions addressed in the project were:

Q1. How does the NBC journey look like when interacting with ManufacturingCo. as a supplier?

Q2. What are the pain and gain points that the NBCs experienced during this journey?

Q3. What services should be provided by ManufacturingCo. to remedy pain points and increase awareness?


Construction is a conservative industry and ManufacturingCo. offered a new innovative product to the industry. Thus it was challenging for ManufacturingCo. to gain the audience and trust of construction companies. Therefore ManufacturingCo. sought to increase the awareness of its products’ value proposition among other stakeholders in the value chain. The key focus for ManufacturingCo. was to understand the pain-points NBC’s faced during their interaction with ManufacturingCo.’s products.

ManufacturingCo. utilized SCG’s on-demand workforce to conduct research in 8 countries, to understand market specific pain and gain points, decision making factors, preferences and hindrances.

Our Approach

The project was executed in three-phases

1. Customer journey maps

The team initiated the process by interviewing the four NBC profiles and developed individual journey maps. This helped ManufacturingCo. understand specific nuances of each profile’s operations in the ecosystem. Additionally, it provided country specific information about how routine tasks and collaborations occurred by each selected profile.

2. Value proposition canvas creation

Next, a Value Proposition Canvas was created for each NBC profile. This tool helped identify specific pain and gain points of each NBC profile. Additionally, it also included recommendations for ManufacturingCo. to address the pain point as well as the opportunities linked to each profile per country.

Components of Project’s Outcome

3. Emerging themes in the industry & NPS score

After the development of customer journey maps, the project team identified emerging themes in the industry. These themes were developed from the common pain points and opportunities highlighted by the four NBC profiles. Finally, the project team also collected NPS scores from each interviewed stakeholders. These scores were then analyzed to create concrete hypothesis about the ManufacturingCo.’s current market standing.


SCG’s on-demand workforce provided ManufacturingCo. with a comprehensive customer journey map for each of the 4 selected profiles groups in 8 different countries. This project accelerated the understanding of ManufacturingCo.’s team towards each NBC by 5X.

Influencer Research Footprint

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