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AutomationCo. wanted to renew its sales process to advance the company on the path of becoming a digital transformation partner for its customers. In order to be successful, AutomationCo. identified that its sales process needs to evolve from product-based selling to consultative-based selling.


3X more effective pre-sales research process
25% higher engagement in customer meetings

“We want to understand how our sales guys can be more effective in selling enterprise-wide transformation solutions”

Digital Business Development Lead


AutomationCo. is a technology leader, with a vision to become a digital transformation partner for its customers. Therefore, it aimed to transform its sales process to capture the digital transformation needs of its global customers. AutomationCo. brought in SCG’s on-demand workforce to:

  1. Understand the decision making structure of customers organization
  2. Create training material for a proactive consultative-based sales process

Key questions of the project were:

Q1. What should be the new way of selling transformation projects?

Q2. What new processes and knowledge should the sales team be provided and trained for?


AutomationCo. primarily sold standalone products to its customers and it had never actively prepared for selling enterprise-wide transformation solutions. As the company sought to sell enterprise-wide solutions, it recognized the need to evolve its sales process into a consultative-based selling method. To approach this opportunity in a structured way, AutomationCo. wanted to create and standardize the preparation process across its entire sales team.

AutomationCo. utilized SCG’s on-demand workforce. Through this deployment, AutomationCo. was able to accelerate development of its new sales process for enterprise-wide transformation solutions.


The project was executed in three-phases:

Phase 1: Internal best practices assessment

The project team initiated the study by interviewing senior executives at AutomationCo. to understand customer decision-making criteria from their experience. Based on these insights an initial pre-sales process was created.

Phase 2: Understanding customer’s digital maturity

During this phase, the customer’s current digital journey was mapped with focus on key ongoing digital initiatives. This brought awareness about the customer’s current digital environment to AutomationCo.'s sales team. Next, the project team created a pre-sales meeting, customer research methodology for AutomationCo. sales team.

Phase 3: Evaluation and development of consultative-based sales process

Finally, the project team developed a sales framework for enterprise-transformation scenarios. The framework was designed to work as a preparation guide for AutomationCo. sales team to aid in customer meetings.

Sales Transformation Framework


SCG’s on-demand workforce provided AutomationCo. with an innovative training tool for its sales team to enable them with a consultative-based sales method. These solutions accelerated the progress of AutomationCo. towards their next step decisions by 5X and led to 25% higher engagement in customer meetings.

Customer Impact Map - KPI Tree

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