Utilize new recruits to accelerate team-progress

72% of top executives state that they plan to increase their organisational agility. Their ideal level of agility is “high” to “very high”. Yet only 4% of employees across industries say that their company has fully enabled agility in their workforce.

How can new recruits be utilized to accelerate team progress?

According to a recent Mckinsey study,

“On an average, agile workforce is 1.5 times more likely to report better financial performance than non-agile workforce, and 1.7 times more likely to report better performance on non-financial measures.”

When it comes to an agile workforce, sometimes it's the high performing central employees slowing down the team progress. According to an HBR study, 20-35% of valuable collaborations come from only 3-5% of employees. Due to their proven track record, these individuals are entrusted with high levels of responsibilities and workload. This is why through no fault of their own, these key players become overly relied upon and tend to slow group responsiveness.

A possible solution to the issue of slow group responsiveness is utilization of new talent as co-leads, for instance, in new initiatives. By involving up-and-comer employees in these initiatives, companies can reduce the burden off of high-performing but overworked employees. According to HBR, this can accelerate the progress on new initiatives by 50%, thus making their workforce more agile. A typical application area for involving new talent is on external collaborations on innovation projects with suppliers or external workforce.

Today, 40% of top global organizations have a high number of external collaborations. Involving new talent in these external collaborations can create higher ownership, reducing the overload on the high-performing workers and thus, helping the workforce be more agile.

Where to Start?

StrategyCo. Global helps organizations accelerate development on pivotal corporate projects. Our trained and agile on-demand workforce participates in time-boxed sprints to help organizations achieve faster progress towards their strategic goals.

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