On-demand workforce accelerates progress

How does the on-demand workforce accelerate progress?

Bain & Company predicts that the “on-demand revolution” will have widespread ramifications on the business world.

“Companies had to have a personal computer strategy in the 80s, an internet strategy in the 90s, and a mobile strategy in the 2000s. In 2018, companies need to have an on-demand strategy.” – Senior Director Microsoft Office

1 – Faster progress on critical projects

Upto 54% time of regular employees is spent on routine non-strategic tasks, which leaves them very little-to-no-time for working on critical strategic projects. A review of the dataset containing information from more than 500 global projects revealed that slow progress on the projects led to their average cost to overrun by 37%. In these scenarios companies have opted to engage an on-demand workforce. The added support of the on-demand workforce can give anywhere between 3X to 10X boost to the progress of critical projects.

For instance, Unilever’s engaged with on-demand talent that enabled them to launch 5 different brands in only 6-9 months. Another example when a chemical manufacturer engaged StrategyCo. Global’s on-demand workforce that accelerated the decision making of an investment by 4X which reduced the time to next actions by 6 months.

2 - Increased pace of innovation

Campbell Soup company sought to accelerate the cycle of innovation to keep pace with rapidly changing consumer demand. For them speed to market was the priority; they were able to dramatically reduce their time-to-market on new products from 24 months to 9 months. They did this by breaking the problem down to smaller bite size chunks. These were Speed to insight, Speed to design, Speed to execution. They then utilized an on-demand workforce to systematically focus and solve each issue.

This was witnessed when a Finnish forest industry group worked with StrategyCo. Global’s on-demand workforce to identify new product development opportunities, result was that this led to a 3X increase in the pace at which product R&D focus areas were identified.

Where to Start?

StrategyCo. Global’s helps organizations accelerate development on pivotal corporate projects. Our trained and agile on-demand workforce participates in time-boxed sprints to help organizations achieve faster progress towards their strategic goals. Our services have been availed by companies from a wide range of industries. Contact us today at to learn more or book a meeting with us to accelerate development on your most pivotal projects!

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