Your path to a great career

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Work with executives in Fortune 500 companies and the best companies in the country.

Hands-on experience working in the consulting industry.

Exposure to the latest trends and exciting industries.

Join projects in your line of expertise

  • Strategy

    Strategy projects combine industry knowledge and organization’s goals and capabilities, to assist companies in seizing market opportunities or cost efficiencies. Projects support companies in creating strategic roadmaps and identifying areas of improvement.

    Students require strong skills in qualitative and quantitative research. Typical education background includes Strategy, Industrial Engineering & Management, Finance, Accounting.

    Example of projects: Digital strategy for improving customer adoption of company’s products.

  • Operations

    Projects in this domain combine functional expertise in operations with sector-specific insights, and support our clients with solutions that are spot on to their current strategic objectives.

    Students require strong skills in qualitative and quantitative research. Typical education background includes supply chain & logistics, engineering, information service management (ISM).

    Example of projects: Optimizing the reporting processes for a new product.

  • Marketing & Sales

    Marketing & Sales projects are built on market intelligence studies that through analysis and analytics help improve client’s market understanding & formulate outside-in customer strategies.

    Students require strong skills in qualitative and quantitative research. Typical education background includes Marketing, Analytics & Information System Management (ISM), Economics and Strategy have all the right prerequisites to succeed in those projects.

    Example of projects: Identifying new markets for expansion and go-to-market strategy for an IT company.

  • Market Intelligence

    Market intelligence projects have a wide spectrum of applications starting from Marketing & Sales to Operations. In Market intelligence projects the main components are to develop a comprehensive view on the key trends and drivers that are shaping the industry, customers, internal capabilities, conduct competitive analysis, and apply the acquired knowledge to the context of a particular company.

    Example of projects: Conducting a market intelligence study in a selected industry to support the pre-sales team in a global IT company.

  • Business Development

    Business development projects involve improving existing capabilities such as sales process creation, market and competitive landscape understanding for new product application.

    Example of projects: Identifying market opportunities for a new substitute product.

  • Digitalization

    In Digitalization projects, we support clients with planning and creating digital roadmaps, as well as scouting for best solutions to support their digital transformation. We help clients to map out their current capabilities and digital maturity level, and build scenarios and roadmaps in achieving the desired outcomes.

    Example of projects: Mapping out the user-experience and its importance for selected product lines in a heavy-equipment industry

How it works

  1. Application

    Apply to the program with you resume attached. Our team will review your resume, and will get back to you shortly for further steps.

  2. Selection

    The selection process includes interview, home-assignments and presentations.

  3. Outcome

    Candidates are selected based on their performance in the assignments and are offered positions in on-going projects.


Vytas Siliskas

LEAP programme has improved my career opportunities by opening the doors for an interview. I got a summer internship offer at one of the Big 4 consultancy firms. I found that the LEAP project made me stand out from the crowd.

Vytas Siliskas

Siddharth Sainath

I will definitely recommend applying to LEAP. There will be a steep learning curve with intellectually stimulating challenges with a lot of fun. It was one of the best professional experience I could possibly get as an international student in Finland.

Siddharth Sainath

Thu Nguyen

LEAP is a great combination of learning and delivering business value for the clients. It was a great opportunity for me to learn more about the new subject and apply my best skills.

Thu Nguyen

Arttu Koivula

It is special that students can participate and come up with solutions to real business challenges. LEAP also brings together people who have same interests. I enjoyed my time in the team and met really nice people.

Arttu Koivula

Esa Immonen

I learnt everything which is crucial for management consulting. I learnt structuring my thinking and thoughts, as well as the role of communication and teamwork.

Esa Immonen