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Rahul Abhisek

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We offer business development and strategy consultancy. We use analytical and collaborative approaches for strategy creation and implementation plan to achieve concrete results.

We believe in achieving results and going one step further by following up on the plan with a clear timeline.


We help enterprises formulate its strategy to meet its goals and objectives. By using an analytical and collaborative approach to formulating long term and short term strategies. These strategies are a roadmap to pursue a specific direction and set of performance goals to deliver customer value, and be successful.


  • Business Modeling We work with early stage companies in defining and identifying the core aspects of the business, business process, target customers, strategies, organizational structures, trading practices, and operational processes.

  • Go-to-market We work with companies at all stages to formulate their go-to- market strategy. By understanding market dynamics and internal resources we work towards delivering their unique value proposition to customers and achieve competitive advantage.

  • Fund Raising For start-ups financing is one of the key business issues. We examine the determinants of capital fundraising and help companies seeking financing for any of their including product development, market penetration, working capital etc.

  • Competitive Analysis Any successful organization has to look at the competition, and moreover, be aware how the nature of competition can guide its strategy. We work with the organizations in developing strategies base on competitive analysis.

Growth Companies

  • Market Entry and Expansion There are a number of factors that will influence the strategy of entering a market, including, but not limited to, tariff rates, the degree of adaptation of the product required, marketing and transportation costs. We help companies identify potential market based on market research and gathering market intelligence.

  • Marketing Strategy We work with enterprises to formulate short-term, and long-term activities in the field of marketing. We scan the business environment, both internal and external, to understand strategic constraints. After grasping aspects of environment, including technological, economic, cultural, political and legal, goals are chosen to formulate the marketing strategy.

  • New Product Strategy We work with companies in understanding the key factor for the success of a new product, service or experience. NPD strategy will help organize the product planning and research, capture customers’ views and expectations, and accurately plan and resource your NPD project.

  • Company Position Assessment We work with enterprises in planning their position in a specific market segment by identifying their targeted value proposition. Strategic position analysis is vital for companies that are serious about remaining relevant with consumers.


  • Profitability Improvement Managing profitability in large, multi-product company is often hampered by conflicting agendas and lack of transparency into the profits generated at the transaction level. We break down the business into its component parts and prioritize profit improvement opportunities within a market context.

  • New Business Offering We work with businesses in identifying inefficiencies in the market and accessing the resources and capability to bring together the necessary pieces together to correct that inefficiency. The process entails evaluating and identifying the risks that should be considered in deciding whether or not to pursue that business opportunity.

  • Change Strategy Implementation Sensitive and elusive to implement. We work with companies in implementing change strategy by identifying barriers and generating short-term wins and creating a sense of urgency to achieve the change. We help initiate change until the vision is a reality.


ABB Neste Oil HIIT Tieto GE Metsa



I have been impressed by the hard work that the team put in and the quality of the end deliverable. The project helped us refine our thinking and in improving our understanding of the market needs.

Director, Tieto


Cooperation was fruitful, our topic was Logistics Digitalization. The final results were of high quality and provided excellent basis for next steps in Neste Logistics.

Vice President, Neste


The project team collected and presented insights from decision makers from our global customer base. Their work was important in increasing the level of awareness and urgency on the selected subject internally. I can recommend them and their approach to working with companies.

Director, ABB


The numerous glowing testimonies by our salesteam currently benefiting from their work. My view of their deliverables are – well-tested, valuable, and of high quality. They additionally offered services to cover new target markets that are useful for us down the road.

Executive Vice President, Eficode


I am happy to provide my warm recommendations of cooperation with StrategyCo.Global and Rahul & his team. With their work we were able to save a significant amount of time and effort compared to doing something similar internally. Team was extremely dedicated, professional and provided quality insight and analysis capabilities with strategic importance.

VP, Kemira


Christian Liljeström

Christian Liljeström

Advisory Partner at KPMG

Christian has worked as a management consultant for over 20 years, of which more than 13 years a partner at KPMG. Christian has extensive experience in financial management, financing and risk management sectors.

Jussi Järvinen

Jussi Järvinen

Management Consultant

Jussi has over 13 years of experience in strategy and new business development for Global Multinational Clients. During his career, he has delivered over 100 assignments, mainly in complex telecom and media industry environment.

Samuli Stromberg

Samuli Stromberg

Management Consultant

I have management board level experience on a complete growth cycle of a technology start up company to a profitable industrial company. I see marketing including product management and marketing communications as a key driving engine in company’s go to market approach.


Rahul Abhisek

Rahul Abhisek

I am a Growth and Strategy consultant. I have experience working on projects from multiple sectors such as healthcare, telecom, banking and FMCG. In these projects I have delivered business value for industry leaders like Boeing, Nokia Siemens Network, Intel, GE, United Spirits and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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